Successful Weight Loss Begins with Support

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What’s one thing that sets successful dieters apart from everyone else? One of the biggest factors, one that many don’t even consider, is support! It doesn’t matter how many expensive trendy health food items you buy– if you don’t have the support to help to keep you on track, you may have a tough time sticking with your plan.


Help, helps.

Yeah, that sounds a little redundant, but it’s true! The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published and article studying the effects of support on weight loss, they focused on three test groups: personal support, technological support, and self-directed (the control group). This study found that those with personal support lost, and kept off, more weight than either of the other groups!

Personal support from friends, family, and professional counselors can help keep you accountable and on-track with your goals.

How can you keep yourself accountable during weight loss?


Make your goals public. Tell and friend or family member about your weight loss goals and talk to them about your progress. Even better, share on social media! Choose one day of the week to post about your progress on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your platform of choice! If you’re really feeling brave, share some before-and-after or progress pictures!


Keep a food journal. There are tons of smartphone apps out there for keeping track of your food, like MyFitnessPal or Lose It!. Or you can just choose to keep it simple with a notebook and pencil! If you don’t feel like counting calories, even just keeping a log of what you’re eating can help you become more mindful of what you’re putting in your body.


Keep track of your weight. We’re not just talking about stepping on the scale, we’re talking about measuring your in inches as well! Once a week measure your waist, hips, neck, and arms. If you’re working out and building muscle, you have to remember that the number on the scale might not be going down as quickly as your body fat is since muscle weighs more than fat—that’s why we measure more than just weight!


Make it a contest. Have a friend that also wants to loose weight? Make a contest out of it! Whoever wins pays for the next concert or event, whatever would motivate you to loose weight.


Get to your appointments. If you’re using Medifast as part of your weight loss plan, keep your appointments (remember the JAMA study?!). There’s no better motivation than meeting with a professional. Plus, your counselor can help get you through any rough times you may be having with your diets and give you suggestions to get you through and keep on track!


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