Recommit to Your Fitness Resolutions in 5 Simple Steps

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We’re halfway through the year, which statistically means that about 80% of us have already failed at, or completely forgotten about, those New Years resolutions we set back in January. Have you put your fitness resolutions in the back of your mind, promising that you will get back to them when you aren’t so busy… or after your family vacation… or once you get your kids settled in for summer break? Don’t let those excuses prevent you from reaching your fitness goals this year! It’s time to get back on track!


If you’re one of those 20% that are still on track, or have already accomplished your New Years resolutions and are attempting to attain new goals, we salute you—that dedication is truly inspiring! But, if you’re with the majority of us who have fallen off track, we’ve got some tips to help you recommit to your resolutions:

Step 1 – Review: Take a step back and look at what didn’t work. Did you set a goal to work out every day, but just didn’t have enough time? Did you resolve to eat healthier, but the temptations of unhealthy foods got in your way? What happened that prevented you from reaching your goal? How can you fix them?

Then think about what did work. Were you able to get in a workout when your kids were away? Was it easier to eat healthier when your family joined you in eating a healthy meal?

Step 2 – Stop listening to negative thoughts: We’ve all had those moments when we just think “I’ll never be able to do this” or “it’s just too difficult”… moments when we just want to give up. Stop letting those thoughts take away your confidence. It is difficult to completely ignore them, so use them to inspire you to work harder! You are your hardest critic.

Step 3 – Define realistic resolutions: Now that you’ve reviewed what hasn’t worked, and what has, and confronted the self-doubt you’ve had, it’s time to set some realistic goals.

Be honest and ask yourself how likely it is that you’ll achieve your goal by the end of the year. Try this: rate your chances of accomplishing your goal on a scale of 1-10… if your answer falls below a 7, it’s probably not the right goal for you. Really make an effort to set realistic resolutions!

Step 4 – Recommit:  Why is reaching this goal so important? What benefits will you see after accomplishing this?

Step 5 – Gain support: No matter what your goal, success begins with support. Look for support both inside and outside your friends and family. It’s great to have those that are close to you there to support you and keep you on track, but outside support, like a counselor, can help lend a new perspective and new ideas to keep you headed in the right direction.

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