Fight Stress and Lose Weight with Medifast

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Stress is something that everyone feels at one point in time. Even those of us who like to think we’re pretty calm get stressed out. We all handle stress differently—some people throw themselves into their work, others try to combat it with meditation, and yet some of us try to cover it up with food (yes, stress eating!). But, even if you don’t stress eat, it’s very likely that stress could be contributing to your weight issues.

While stress can cause us to lose our appetite for a period of time, long-term stress can increase hunger. Stress also increases our body’s levels of cortisol.

How exactly does cortisol affect our bodies?

Increased Belly Fat: High levels of cortisol cause the body to store fat in cells deep inside your stomach—the ones surrounding your organs! This type of fat can be extremely dangerous to our health and is more difficult to get rid of.

Unhealthy Cravings: When cortisol is released, insulin is suppressed, and your cells are drained of energy as they’re dealing with stress. These tired cells then tell your brain that you’re hungry, which leads to overeating. Most individuals will crave carbs and sugars, not healthy foods like kale and almonds.

Diabetes: Worst of all, high levels of cortisol can lead to diabetes as it increases our blood glucose levels.

How can you control your stress?

fight stress

Like we mentioned, each person deals with stress differently, but here are a few things you can try out next time you’re feeling stressed!

  1. Practice mindfulness each day. Try some of these mindful ways to battle stress.
  2. Do yoga or meditate. These practices can help to clear the mind and can easily be done in your own home—no need to sign up for a yoga class! First time doing yoga? Try following along with this video!
  3. Exercise! Working out is a great stress-reducer. Try going for a brisk walk around the office if you’re feeling stressed at work!
  4. Get the proper amount of sleep. Most adults should be getting between 7-8 hours of sleep per-night, so get to bed early if you’re having a stressful day.


And of one of the easiest things you can do: talk to someone! Call up a friend or your Medifast counselor and talk to them about what’s going on. Even if they can’t help, just talking to someone can reduce your stress levels.

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