Professional Counseling

Professional Weight Loss Counseling

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Our Medifast Weight-Loss Counselors are certified with a comprehensive two-week course that covers our program and protocols as well as nutrition, exercise, healthy eating habits, and effective counseling skills. At each appointment, your Weight-Loss Counselor will check your weight and measurements and go over your workbook with you.

The Medifast Weight Control Centers program is unique because it will help you achieve your weight and health goals while providing the tools to assist you in developing healthy lifelong habits.

With a variety of degrees and backgrounds, you can trust that your counselor will ensure your success during your weight loss and well throughout maintenance.

Each week you will come into your Medifast Center for a consultation. You can schedule an appointment once or twice a week depending on your own personal preference. We also do our best to pair you with a counselor that suits your personality and can meet specific needs.

Here’s an idea of what you can expect during your weekly 15-20 minute appointment:

  • Testing of your ketosis, the mild fat burning      state.
  • Routine weigh-in.
  • Body composition analysis (performed every 4      weeks) Your counselor will explain the positive changes taking place in      your body. Gain even more motivation watching your body fat mass decrease      and lean muscle maintain.
  • Monitoring of your blood pressure.
  • Working together through any struggles and/or      roadblocks and brainstorming solutions to achieve an optimal weight loss.
  •  And of      course, celebrating successes!

The greatest success of the Medifast program occurs when combining the Medifast meal plan and your very own Certified Medifast Weight Loss Counselor. We are here to guide, problem solve and encourage you every step of the way.