Body Composition Analysis

Beyond the BMI

InBody TechnologyBody mass index, or BMI, measures the relationship between your weight and your height. It?s one tool for assessing obesity, but by itself, it?s not enough.

The BMI can be misleading because it does not take into consideration the person’s body composition (muscle vs. fat). A person with a lot of muscle can actually have a BMI that indicates she is overweight when in fact, she?s healthy.

To get a true understanding of your state of health and weight?and to accurately measure results?you need a more in-depth analysis: InBody®.

InBody® technology

Medifast Weight Control Centers use Biospace?s InBody® technology to provide you with a detailed assessment of your body composition. InBody® measures:

  • Weight
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Body fat mass and overall body fat percentage
  • Water balance (identifies dehydration and swelling)
  • Muscle development in arms, trunk, and legs

With InBody®, you get an accurate assessment of your unique make-up, along with continual tracking of changes in your body as you lose weight.
With InBody®, you can rest assured that your progress is healthy, and that your weight loss is targeting harmful body fat, not lean muscle.

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